There are literally hundreds of weapons used throughout the Korean warrior’s history. With the study of these weapons, you could understand many of the other Korean weapons. The weapons studied at Dragon Star have played a major part in the complex development in Korean martial arts.

In the martial arts, weapons are called martial instruments (tools) – “Mu” = Martial, “Ki” = instruments (weapons) and “Sul” = method, or technique. The development of weapons parallels the development of the human race and their needs. As tools were needed for obtaining food and self-defense, materials were utilized as weapons. First simple rocks, branches, bones or any blunt materials were used as weapons. Primary weapons were developed thereafter from basic farming or hunting implements in order to obtain food to function as a self-defense mechanism. As the populace grew and their need for domination over their environment was desired, human efforts in creating better and stronger weapons were exercised. When gunpowder was invented in the 16th century, the concept of weapons was drastically changed. The power of mass destruction with less training time was now available, and with this change came the loss of the “do”, in the use of weapons. The goal of Mukisul is not only to provide self-defense, but it is also a tool for daily polishing of the mind, body and spirit.

Primary Weapons of Hapkido:

Jang Bong – long staff
Dan Bong – short staff
Muk Gum – wooden sword
Kal – knife

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